Lorenzo's new album

Classic wallpapers are timeless and complement modern interior design styles. Our classic range is an important part of Lorenzo's album, with quality, stunning colors, wallpaper patterns that invite the viewer to dream.

Valentino's new album

Valentino's album with a focus on elegance is the main option for creating a room with a semi-traditional look. Traditional wallpaper styles usually use floral elements and floral patterns, but wallpaper patterns with horizontal stripes can make the wall appear wider and make it a suitable space for small spaces.

Moonlight new album

One of our great choices in modern wallpaper designs is an album that always shines, and that album is Moonlight. Each of our contemporary wallpaper ideas is enough to enter your home into the 21st century. Introduce a unique and stylish, ultra-modern interior theme to any room in the house.

About Bently

Bently Decoration is proud to be recognized as a successful organization in the interior decoration industry of the country as a newly established organization due to the many years of brilliant experience of its founder in this branch. Therefore, due to the mentioned valuable experiences, it has achieved the creation of products with originality of design and economical cost-effectiveness, which is one of its unique features in comparison with other competitors. In this regard, the use of a systematic network of sales and distribution throughout the country has paved the way for the manifestation and excellence of the organization as much as possible. The goal of the Bently collection is continuous improvement in order to improve the level of products in terms of quality and design, as well as to increase customer satisfaction and healthy competitiveness.